A fire within
Named after the fire lion Pyroar, we take pride in our league. Our members are fiercely loyal and passionate in battle with an unquenching hunger to be the best. It’s no wonder that we are Pyroar’s Pride.

Our story
Pyroar’s Pride’s first meeting was in the back room of Salinas’ very own Current Comics. At the time I had no idea what I was doing (arguably, I still don’t) and thought it wouldn’t last beyond the summer. Realizing I was in over my head I contacted another league near our area for advice. By the time school had begun the league had grown. We began to advertise around the city and in local businesses. Right before our first year anniversary we outgrew the comic book store and moved to the Northridge Mall food court. It was a bittersweet change and we will always be grateful to Current Comics for their kind and patient generosity. Two years from our humble beginnings and we are 80 members strong, and growing!

What makes us special is that we love what we do, we care deeply for all our members, and we respect all who join our ranks. There is no judgement, just fun.

About Our League Leaders


Pokemon came along around the time I entered highschool and it was something my younger brother was into. I never really gave it much thought until, years later when, my husband bought the latest versions (Black & White) for our daughters. They both enjoyed the game, but it was my younger daughter who became the uber-fan. We’d bought her a guidebook and pokedex and she read that thing from back to front, knew every pokemon in the region, and would corner me to relish her latest in-game triumph. Once she realized there was a card game I was forced to buy cards, learn the game, and battle whenever I wasn’t busy doing something else. I quickly became very familiar with Unova region Pokemon, especially when she decided she wanted a Black/White Pokemon birthday party. She had a very hard time finding kids to play the game with, and playing mom stops being a challenge after a while. I began looking online for a league in the area, to no avail. That’s when I had an idea; “What if we start our own?”