If you wish to participate in all that a Pokemon League has to offer you’re required to have a Player ID. A Player ID is used to report attendance. League Leaders can provide Player IDs on site for those who do not already have one, however, they cannot make an account on Pokemon.com for you. Each member must be registered with an account and Player ID in order to count as a player in a League. Players must also remain in good standing within the Play! Pokemon program. Younger players will need parental consent to complete the sign-up process. You can find that info in our Parents Den.

Once you’ve made your account, and completed the email confirmation, you will be ready to obtain a Player ID.



Follow the steps below:


Once you’ve made your account, on The Official Pokemon Website, select “Play! Pokemon Settings” on the left side bar. 





Complete the information needed. 



Select the option “assign me a new player ID”. 






If you are 12 and under, please have your parent/guardian visit our Parent’s Den for info on making a parent account.