Whether you’re here to add your child to our league, curious about the world of Pokemon, or you just don’t understand the hype around the games; You’ve come to the right place! We will work diligently to answer all of your Pokemon-related questions and hopefully put your mind at ease about your child’s newfound interest. 

As a parent myself I know how confusing it can be starting out, especially when your child is so excited and eager to find others who share their interest. Don’t fret, we are here to help you and your child learn all they need to know to get started, even teaching them how to play the game. We can help you decide what items they need to start their Pokemon adventure and show you how to sign them up for a FREE Play! Pokemon account

We encourage families to play the game together, however, we understand that’s not always possible. There are still plenty of players for your child to play the game with. If you cannot afford to buy the cards or you’re afraid your child will lose interest, don’t be discouraged, we have decks for them to play with. 

There is no entry fee for joining our league and participation is free. Please don’t hesitate to ask for our help. It’s what we’re here for and precisely why Pokemon leagues exist. We want to help you, and we look forward to sharing our love Pokemon with you and your family. 

For more detailed information read this!

FAQs For Parents Player ID

Notice to parents: Pokémon company does background check of all league leaders and owners.