“I can’t make it to league but my kid(s) can. Is it okay if I drop them off and pick them up when it’s over?”

Parents of minors: You should understand that Pokemon League Leaders are not responsible for your child’s supervision and safety and should remain on-site to keep track of your children if you are not comfortable leaving them alone. League sessions usually take two hours, so parents might want to bring a book or some other quiet activity to occupy your time. We encourage parent participation so you may want to consider building a deck and joining the fun!

“Does it cost any money?”

League membership is free to all players.

“If I lose a match, do I have to give the winner my cards?”

No. It is a common misconception that when losing a match players must hand their cards over to the winning player. This is FALSE. You should never be asked to give your cards to anyone against your will.

“Is there any place they can practice the TCG besides league?”

There is a program called Pokemon Trading Card Game Online that your kids can use to practice the game at home or you can also check out tournaments like our League Challenge to hone their skills.

“Is there a minimum attendance required?”

There is no requirement on attendance you can come and go as you please. We would love you to come every week but we understand you may have other obligations. If you do not attend for a while we will stop reporting your attendance at this Pokemon league which will give you less play points.