Please read through the following BEFORE you begin creating your account on!

In order for players under 12 years of age to obtain a player ID, The Pokemon Company requires the parent/guardian of minors to make their own account first. Once a parent/guardian makes an account (under their own name, info, and date of birth) they can then add their child to their account.

This ensures that YOU, the parent/guardian, are informed and in control of your child’s activity while logged into 

Step 1 

Once you’ve created your account, and verified your account through your email, go ahead and log in.

Select the option “Add a Child” from the left side menu.

Step 2

Next, you will be asked to “verify your identity”. This is another way The Pokemon Company ensures the online safety of your child. It is important to complete this step as accurately as possible. This is where many parents get stuck. If this happens please go over the information carefully and make any changes necessary. If you still can’t progress you should contact customer service to get help from a Pokemon Company representative. (League leaders can not offer tech support for

Step 3

Once your information is verified you will be able to create your child’s account. We recommend you let your child choose their own username and password, and keep this information in a place you can easily find it should they forget.

Once your child’s account is created, and email verified, your child will be able to log in to their own account the same way you would yours. However, because the account is created under yours, you will have access to their account and can change the settings (i.e. social settings, name, game stats, password, email).